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Sketch for Overmantel Painting $750.00
Sketch for Overmantel Painting

Frank E. Schoonover

Signed lower right
Watercolor on paper; 3 1/2" x 8"; 1957
# 2485a in the Raisonné
Sketch for # 668; John Bolton $600.00
Sketch for # 668; John Bolton

Frank E. Schoonover

Graphite on paper; 7" x 5"; 1915
Concert $150.00

S. Dessy

Lithgraph; signed lower right
10" x 9"; 1933
DVD: Frank E. Schoonover: The Authentic Artist $24.99
DVD: Frank E. Schoonover: The Authentic Artist

This 45-minute biographical documentary introduces viewers to the little-known history of American illustration, and to a mostly unheralded illustrator whose iconic renderings of adventurous life help define American popular culture at the start of the 20th century.

Frank Schoonover illustrated more than 150 classic books and hundreds of the great illustrated magazines of the day. More than five million readers every month saw his illustrations of the fiction of Jack London and Zane Grey. And he was the first to visualize the legendary western character Hopalong Cassidy.
DVD: Frank E. Schoonover; A Long Life in Art $20.00
DVD: Frank E. Schoonover; A Long Life in Art

30 minute DVD exploring the life of the artist as narrated by his three grandchildren.
Rare video footage and photographs taken during the artist's productive 95 year life. a long life.jpg
Book: Frank E. Schoonover Bibliography $95.00
Book: Frank E. Schoonover Bibliography

By John Apgar, 1969

Very rare edition of 500. Mint condition.
First bibliograpy ever published; 65 pages. Twentry two illustrations in black and white.
List of books illustrated by Schoonover. book.jpg
Catalogue Raissonne $175.00
Catalogue Raissonne

This publication encompasses all of the known works of artist and illustrator, Frank E. Schoonover. Thanks to his remarkable daybooks, which record over 2500 entries,  important information about his entire ouvre is available.

2 Volumes, 835 pages, with slip cover. flyer edit.jpg
Poster: Hopalong Takes Command $25.00
Poster: Hopalong Takes Command

24" x 16"; 1971

Reproduction; edition of 1,000
Schoonover illustrated the first book, The Bar-20, that created the iconic cowboy, Hopalong Cassidy in 1905.  The author, Clarence Mulford collaborated with Schoonover on naming, and subsequently creating an image of a gruff cowboy with a limp.
Schoonover suggested, Hopalong. Mulford  added Cassidy and the rest is history. Schoonvoer illustrated three books in the Hopalong series.
Port Gaverne $600.00
Port Gaverne

Helen Farr ( Sloan )

Watercolor; 8” x 11”; 7-11-1927, 1.jpg
Bedruthan Slips, Cornwall $600.00
Bedruthan Slips, Cornwall

Helen Farr ( Sloan )

Watercolor; 7” x 11”; 8-15-1927 2.jpg
Port Gavern $600.00
Port Gavern

Helen Farr ( Sloan )

Watercolor; 9” x 11”;; 7-8-1927 3.jpg
Phillipston, Mass. $400.00
Phillipston, Mass.

Helen Farr ( Sloan )

Watercolor; 11” x 8”;7-18-1928 4.jpg
Port Isaac $600.00
Port Isaac

Helen Farr ( Sloan )

Watercolor; 13” x 9”; 7-27-1921 5.jpg
Port Gaverna $600.00
Port Gaverna

Helen Farr ( Sloan )

Watercolor; 8” x 10”; 7-7-1927 6.jpg
Roland is Born $1500.00
Roland is Born

Frank E. Schoonover

Pena and Ink; 6” x 8”; 1933

Book; Rowland The Warrior

# 1987 in the Raisonne 9.jpg
Bird $500.00

Frank E. Schoonover

Pen and Ink; 3” x 4”; 1917

Book; Cortes the Conquerer

# 789 in the Raisonne 10.jpg
Man With Hat $600.00
Man With Hat

Frank E. Schoonover

Pen and Ink; 9” x 7”; 1897

# sw14 in the Raisonne 12.jpg
Stained Glass; St. Luke and St. John $1800.00
Stained Glass; St. Luke and St. John

Frank E. Schoonover

Watercolor; 9” x 4”; 1942

# 2315 in the Raisonne 14.jpg
Africa Sketch $750.00
Africa Sketch

William Khunert

Graphite; 3” x 5”; 1911 16.jpg
The Brandywine $350.00
The Brandywine

Henrietta Stadleman

Oil on board; 12” x 8”; C. 1910 17 .jpg
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