The Rodney Street Gallery

The Rodney Street Gallery was originally the studio of noted American illustrator and Pyle student, N.C. Wyeth. ( 1906 - 1 908). After Wyeth's departure to Chadds Ford in 1908, the studio was rented to various artists and organizations, including the Wilmington Sketch Club and Camera Club. Frank Schoonover took over in the early forties to begin art classes through the late fifties. In 1969, grandson John opened the Schoonover Galleries Frame shop. However, when Frank Schoonover died in 1972, the studios were sold to individuals. John, owner of studio # 1, purchased studio # 2 from the estate of artist Jay Kinahan in 2006, and subsequently restored the entire interior.

Special exhibitions will be held throughout the year to celebrate the great tradition of American Illustration that flourished in the Delaware Valley. The Gallery will also exhibit works by local and regional artists from 1850 to 1950.

American Landscapes Exhibit

American Illustrators

Inside Photographs